The gossip

The Pink Swag

Posted on: September 14, 2010

Is pink gradually becoming the new blue? As you might have noticed,
more guys are adding the pink colour to their apparell and wear it
with the least concern. Shirts, ties, vests and even sneakers, it
seems like a new trend and my worry is that like most trends, it will
eventually catch on and i will find me wearing what i had always
disliked or wearing what i swore never to wear.

The colour you choose to wear defines your style and conversely rubs
your personality on other people and it may actually seem weird to
some people when they see a guy decked in a pink outfit. Pink is
traditionally an effeminate colour, which is why barbie stuff are
always made in pink.

We guys love the colour so much; very alluring yet sensitive. I
think this is the reason ladies wear it so much as it gets a man to
keep his eyes on the dress plus any extra underneath.

It could be dangerous for a guy to wear such pink stuff, infact you
may be crossing into the girls territory. Take my cousin for example
who made a bet to wear a pink sweater once a week for a whole month.
Some dude once walked up to him with a funny look and asked him out on

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